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Sign up the kids

Download and install the kids app on each of your kids devices using your email address and account information

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Start Winning!

In Parents app, use the dashboard to schedule Actitivies for today, tomorrow or whenever. Parents can use our Library of thousands of activities are create and schedule their own.

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Master Control.

If there are activities planned, the children device will be locked until they complete and submit their activities for review by the parents. Kids can do the activity and then send a picture of the completed activity to the parents automatically.

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Everyone wins.

When the Kids are finished with their activities and you are happy that it is complete, the parents approve it and the kids get to use the device. If you schedule smartly, the house is clean, the table set and the dishes are put away before you get home from work. Oh yea and the kids have played outside for 30 mintues.

Parents Winning Again, plain and simple.