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How do parent2222 add Activities for their kids

It simple!

  • Select the child from the front page of the app.
  • Click on the dashboard button and add activities
  • You can select any activities from our library or create your own.
  • After selecting the activities sechdule the date and time you want the kid to accomplish the task and submit.  
  • The app takes care of the rest.

How do we ensure that kids are doing the assigned task?

We let you know!

When the activity's schedule time arrives the device is locked with exception of emergency phone calls. 

  • Once the child starts the activity you get a notification
  • When the child finishes the actitivty you get a notification
  • When they submit the activity for approval you get a notification.  
  • Once you approve the activity, the child receives a reward screen and the device is unlocked until the next activity starts.

How do I review the activity?

Once a child complets their activity , the parent will be notified via push notificaiton. Parents go to the approval page on the dashboard and can review the picture or voice recording the children submit for approval. If they are happy hit the slider and the parents work is done.  As long as there are no further activities to be completed the device is unlocked.  

My Child has an Ipad can I still use the App?

At the moment the childrens App is still under development.  If you want to be a beta tester once the Apple app is ready please reach out via our contact us page. 

How do I add a child?

If it is your first time logging into the parents app the app will walk you though how to add a child, including name, picture and age.  If you are already a user and want to add another child click on the menu on the parents app.   Depending on your current plan you can either simply add the new child or you may need to upgrade your plan to add another child.    

I can't download the App on my child's device?

Saturday Morning is a two app, app.  Huh?  Yes you need two apps to be effective.  The Parents App is loaded on the parents device (IOS or Andriod) and Saturday Morning Kids (Andriod only at the moment) is loaded on the kids device.  Remember!! Saturday Morning Parents on Parents and Saturday Morning Kids on kids.  Once both apps are installed they link magically and the winning begins.  

Can I use Saturday Morning on my Ipad?

At the moment Saturday Morning Parents App is available on both IOS and Andriod devices but Saturday Morning Kids App is only available on Andriod devices.  So yes and no.  Parents can win on an ipad but Kids can only play on an andriod, for the moment.  

Still Have Questions?