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Having grown up in a middle-class background, we remember pitching in around the house as kids. There was no cleaning lady. We all helped out with assigned weekly chores. Those chores were to be done before we could go out to play.

My mother used to say: “Do what you have to do before you do what you want to do”. As a kid, I loved to play baseball but I knew that the dishes had to be washed before I could leave for practice. Likewise, Saturday mornings were for cereal and watching cartoons all day but chores had to be done before we could sit down in front of the “boob tube.” Today’s devices may be different and more pervasive than our old TV but the sentiment and reasoning remains the same. We want our kids to learn that privileges are earned with hard work and good behavior.

Although it drove me crazy at the time, that discipline resonates across everything I’ve done in my life. This app was created out of a desire to instill that same ethic in our own kids. Sometimes it seems easier to give in and leave them to their devices unchecked. But we say NO, we’re taking back our kids and our sanity. Saturday Morning is a tool in your cache.